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07/14/16 11:41 AM #23    


Kathi Gardner (Creznic-Rickert)

FOR CLASSMATES OF Central Dauphin Senior High School & Central Dauphin Vo-Tech, Harrisburg, PA who "GRADUATED" or "WOULD HAVE GRADUATED" in 1972......The CDHS & VoTech 45th Reunion will be held on June 24, 2017 at the Appalachian Brewing Company, 6462 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.

We will be posting the Invitation and the RSVP on the Class Website.The class will not be mailing invitations.
Please be sure to update your Profile information and check back here preiodically.

We have not yet finalized the details for the evening. We will post more information as it becomes available.

Please pass this on to other classmates.

Thank you, Your 45th Reunion Committee

06/25/17 07:31 AM #24    

Debra Hoke

Great 45th class reunion. President Bob Knight and his class reunion committee did a beautiful job pulling this together  great to see everyone  - look forward to seeing you all again in 5 years. 





06/26/17 01:18 AM #25    

Chris "Harve" Brown

Once again our 45th reunion was a huge success. Thanks to all that showed up for the Friday evening get together at the Blue Moose and those who attended the reunion. It was great seeing once again class members who either haven't attended a reunion before as well as those who have "skipped" a few of our previous gatherings.

I looked forward to this weekend for quite a while and I definitely was not disappointed with its outcome. In my thoughts during my return drive home from the 'burg this afternoon I was somewhat saddened to think that it was over and it might be 5 years until our paths will cross once again.

We have a great class and I am truly honored to be able to call each and every one of you my friend.

Take care

Chris Brown

aka "Harve"


06/26/17 09:52 AM #26    


Sherrie Smith (Heilig)

I have been to all of our class reunions and I have to say I felt like this was the BEST one!  I "second" everything Deb and Chris Brown said!  I went Friday night to the Blue Moose and had a great time espcially when you see a past friend you haven't seen in years and Saturday night was "I felt" an incredible evening!  It's always so good to see old classmates and friends and basically start up friendships you might not have had in the past!  I think it's sad for those who see no benefit or reason to come to these reunions!  Great job to all that continue to plan our 1972 Class Reunions!

Sherrie Heilig ( Smith )



06/28/17 05:10 PM #27    

Cindy Bacon (Albright)

I second Chris and Sherrie's thoughts! I was so stoked afterwards! It was a great atmosphere and seemed like we had never missed a beat over the 45 years! Can't wait for the next one!

09/23/21 12:16 PM #28    

James R. Delsanto

Ed Swartz's Obituary



Jim DelSanto

03/18/22 03:34 PM #29    


Sharon Holroyd (Jackson)

Hey everyone!  Been making plans for a trip north to attend the BIG 50th reunion!  I've heard that everyone who's ANYONE is going to be there! :)  Hope to see you all!

03/31/22 03:59 PM #30    

Glenn Solimeo


From past comments, past reunions have been a success.  I'm trying to figure out how the entire Class of '72 is invited to the 50th Reunion at Dukes Riverside Bar & Grill on June 25th when there is limited capacity of only 125 people.  Does that mean that after the first 125 people sign up, who cares about the rest of the class?


04/01/22 06:42 PM #31    

Glenn Solimeo


Received your updated announcement regarding the 50th Class Reunion at Dukes with limited capacity, which is greatly appreciated.  Here's what I'm thinking:  The Class of '72 is soon going to be the ripe old age of 70 within two years.  Amazing how the years just flew by and most of us are still here.  Out of all the Class Reunions, I would think the 50th Class Reunion would be one of the most significant class reunions.  That is why I believe we need to think outside of the box and explore all avenues.


Hilton Ball Room

Radisson Hotel - rooms on property

Serb Park on Eisenhower Blvd - Nice park with pavilion, the provide a caterer.

West Hanover Tall Cedars ( - sits on 17 acres, has room capacity of 185 inside and 185 outside under pavilion, has full kitchen.  Could do a DJ, caterer or food trucks.  This place is located right off I81 wilh 2 hotels 3 minutes from the park. (I spoke to the contact there and presently, June 25th is open).

Please keep in mind that my intentions are not to step on any ones toes; however, I believe that this special 50th Class Reunion should be available for all classmates of '72 to participate.

Give me a call should you be interested in talking about the above information.  I would be glad to help out.

Have a great day.

04/02/22 04:26 PM #32    

Robert Knight

Glenn, thanks for all your feedback and willingness to assist. Larry can update you but as of yesterday we had 92 committed with ticket purchases for the reunion. Fortunately we had been discussing a back up option if sales exceed 125. We hope it does and are working on an option if the need arises. Another factor we did not note in the announcement was the feedback we have had from many Classmates about the 45th Reunion. In many instances it was rated their favorite reunion. What they noted they liked was the Networking, ability to hear and visiting with classmates. Music such as a DJ was noted as interfering with the ability to network and reconnect. We have had many formats at our reunions but as the group has aged they have voiced the preferences I have noted. An intimate special atmosphere was preferred and for whay ever resaon we accomplished that at Appalachian Brewing at the 45th Reunion. 

Please encourage everyone to attend. We will look at options if ticket sales indicate we should. And they are getting close to that point. Also encourage attendence at Rubber Soul on Friday. Its pay for your beverage and food but it should be another great opportunity to reconnect with friends. 

The Golf Outing was limited due to the popularity of Golfing that has balloned during and after Covid. I think we already have a good size group committed. But there are some slots still available.

Once again thanks for the great feedback. The dialogue is helpful and keeps us thinking of options if needed. 



05/18/22 12:11 PM #33    

Chris "Harve" Brown

Anyone interested in meeting someplace for breakfast on Sunday after the reunion?

05/18/22 10:23 PM #34    

Jan Reichert (Blough)

When were the sporting clays added? I wonder if other classmates have not seen this. Possibly the cause of the low attendance.

05/19/22 05:27 AM #35    

Robert Knight

Jan, we added the Sporting Clays to the site in the last month. Larry and I will discuss adding an announcement so all will see. Thanks for the comment,

05/20/22 01:43 PM #36    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to post this or not, please feel free to delete it if it’s not.


Class of '72,

     Having come across a variety of comments, here-and-there in different forums, I'm feeling inclined to add my own couple of cents concerning our upcoming 50th Class reunion. First I want to thank the, I'm sure underappreciated, work of those involved in the planning and decision making for an event that is providing a celebration and memory that cannot possibly please every individual that it’s being planned for. I’ve seen comments and posts and have personally heard conversations referring to our upcoming reunion that demonstrate the ‘words to live by’ assertion that everybody’s different. From the location/facility, to the prepared back-up location to accommodate a larger crowd if needed, to the general environment of the evening being recommended, and etc, many have questions and some appear simply dissatisfied and suggest changes to what’s been planned for us.


     Firstly, I wouldn’t want to be the planning, making decisions, about all this - and no one would want me to be the one planning all this, so again a sincere ‘thank you’ to those doing this grueling work. My own sense of things places me here; our 50th class reunion is special and should be manifested in a special manner - to me that screams simple and real. Snazzy facilities, an extravagant setting, flashing lights, loud music, etc, to me do not at all suggest ‘special’. My own encouragement, please do take it or leave it, is; if you want your 50th class reunion to be special, if you want to leave it with grand memories, then visit with folks. Go over to a table where several people you don’t really know are sitting and visit with them for a bit, then move over to another group and chat awhile. Visit with old friends, make new friends, spend time with folks you currently see regulating and with folks you’ve not seen since school days . . . and with folks you’ve no clue who they are.


Engaging with others, visiting with people, spending time sharing, THAT’S what will make our reunion special - not the location or swirling lights or thunderous music. I know this reunion is going to be a special time for me because I plan on visiting with old friends, old acquaintances, and old people I don’t know . . . I hope, making new friends. If you see me there, please do come over and say ‘hi’. In the end, it’s really up to you, not committee choices, if the night is special for you or not.   


Mickey Haist


05/21/22 06:36 PM #37    

Marilyn Yingst (Dowling)


Mickey, thank you for your very kind words regarding our 50th reunion. You nailed it!!  I look forward to seeing everyone and hope we have a great evening.


Marilyn Dowling

05/24/22 09:59 AM #38    


Scott Zimmerer (Zimmerer)

Looking forward to seeing everyone. My last reunion was either the 5 or 10!  Is there a list posted anywhere that we can see who will be there?


05/25/22 07:53 AM #39    

Robert Knight

Scott, Larry and I have discussed posting names of those attending. We will figure out a way to get it done. Looking forward to seeing you in person versus Facebook!  

05/26/22 08:56 AM #40    

Robert Knight

Scott Zimmerer was trying to find an attendee list for the Reunion Activities. Debbie Groff informed him that by clicking the Classmate Profiles tab(top left corner) that gives you access to each event and its attendee's. 

Don't forget there will be a table to display any items you would like to share with the attendee's. It will be a secure table that someone will be watching. 

See you soon!!!!


06/23/22 12:30 PM #41    

Karen Hoffman (Huss/Augenstein)

Can you purchase tickets at the door? Larry Ligon class of 73 would like to come as my guest. 

06/24/22 05:44 AM #42    

Robert Knight

Karen, yes we will accept classmates who show up to register and attend the night of the event. Or they can register today by getting online and joining the Class of 72 Site.

06/26/22 08:40 PM #43    


Dale Yingst

I want to thank everyone involved with planning the 50th reunion as well as all the reunions in the past.  We are fortunate to have a group of folks who really care and keep up corresponding with classmates and organizing these great events. Most people I know are lucky to have reunions every 10 or 15 years, if at all.  This was a great venue with lots of space to stand and talk, sofas to lounge in, and an outdoor deck for escape or just watching Tim Folk smoke. The food was very good and there was no wait at the bar.  What more could you ask for?  I would certainly vote to have the next reunion here again.  It was nice seeing those I've seen at other reunions over the years as well as those that came for the first time to mark this major reunion. My general shyness endures and kept me from imposing into some conversations, but just being around all of you brought back memories from those times.  I enjoyed seeing everyone, well, except for Alan Bowers and Andy Zimmerman. Just kidding about Andy.wink

06/27/22 08:41 AM #44    


Scott Zimmerer (Zimmerer)

Awesome reunion weekend. This was only my second one - was at the 10th. Some of you I haven't seen in 50 years, but I won't miss anymore now that I'm somewhat local. I enjoyed both Friday and Saturday's events. Thank you - THANK YOU!!! to all those who helped put everything together. 

06/27/22 09:36 AM #45    

David Taylor


Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and organizing the reunion on Saturday. It was great !


06/27/22 12:14 PM #46    

Andrew Zimmerman (Zimmerman)

I want to echo a thank you to Bob and the organizing committee for another great reunion and the best venue yet.  So much fun to catch up with everyone--even Dale Yingst ;)

07/03/22 01:43 PM #47    


Sharon Holroyd (Jackson)

What a great time we had at the reunion. 50 years seems to have flown by but people you just remember. Thank you, again, to everyone involved in making it such a huge success. By the way, where are the photos?! See you soon! ❤️.

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