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05/24/22 09:59 AM #38    


Scott Zimmerer (Zimmerer)

Looking forward to seeing everyone. My last reunion was either the 5 or 10!  Is there a list posted anywhere that we can see who will be there?


05/25/22 07:53 AM #39    

Robert Knight

Scott, Larry and I have discussed posting names of those attending. We will figure out a way to get it done. Looking forward to seeing you in person versus Facebook!  

05/26/22 08:56 AM #40    

Robert Knight

Scott Zimmerer was trying to find an attendee list for the Reunion Activities. Debbie Groff informed him that by clicking the Classmate Profiles tab(top left corner) that gives you access to each event and its attendee's. 

Don't forget there will be a table to display any items you would like to share with the attendee's. It will be a secure table that someone will be watching. 

See you soon!!!!


06/23/22 12:30 PM #41    

Karen Hoffman (Huss/Augenstein)

Can you purchase tickets at the door? Larry Ligon class of 73 would like to come as my guest. 

06/24/22 05:44 AM #42    

Robert Knight

Karen, yes we will accept classmates who show up to register and attend the night of the event. Or they can register today by getting online and joining the Class of 72 Site.

06/26/22 08:40 PM #43    


Dale Yingst

I want to thank everyone involved with planning the 50th reunion as well as all the reunions in the past.  We are fortunate to have a group of folks who really care and keep up corresponding with classmates and organizing these great events. Most people I know are lucky to have reunions every 10 or 15 years, if at all.  This was a great venue with lots of space to stand and talk, sofas to lounge in, and an outdoor deck for escape or just watching Tim Folk smoke. The food was very good and there was no wait at the bar.  What more could you ask for?  I would certainly vote to have the next reunion here again.  It was nice seeing those I've seen at other reunions over the years as well as those that came for the first time to mark this major reunion. My general shyness endures and kept me from imposing into some conversations, but just being around all of you brought back memories from those times.  I enjoyed seeing everyone, well, except for Alan Bowers and Andy Zimmerman. Just kidding about Andy.wink

06/27/22 08:41 AM #44    


Scott Zimmerer (Zimmerer)

Awesome reunion weekend. This was only my second one - was at the 10th. Some of you I haven't seen in 50 years, but I won't miss anymore now that I'm somewhat local. I enjoyed both Friday and Saturday's events. Thank you - THANK YOU!!! to all those who helped put everything together. 

06/27/22 09:36 AM #45    

David Taylor


Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and organizing the reunion on Saturday. It was great !


06/27/22 12:14 PM #46    

Andrew Zimmerman (Zimmerman)

I want to echo a thank you to Bob and the organizing committee for another great reunion and the best venue yet.  So much fun to catch up with everyone--even Dale Yingst ;)

07/03/22 01:43 PM #47    


Sharon Holroyd (Jackson)

What a great time we had at the reunion. 50 years seems to have flown by but people you just remember. Thank you, again, to everyone involved in making it such a huge success. By the way, where are the photos?! See you soon! ❀️.

10/26/22 12:22 PM #48    

Matt Brown

Hey All...while I did sign up to attend our 50th reunion, I was unable to attend. Are there other events, regular or not, that might put me in touch with or to allow me meet up with classmates? I would so enjoy reconnecting! I've been pretty much MIA for a long time!





10/27/22 01:57 PM #49    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

Matt - are you in the area, I mean the general Harrisburg area? We have a monthly lunch of class of '72 folks, the 3rd Tuesday of every month, at various restaurants in the area. If you're (or anyone else reading this) interested to join us please 'friend' me on Facebook and get regular updates as to each month's where & when. We also have an annual Christmas dinner that will be coming up soon that all '72 classmates are encouraged to join us for.

Reservations for the lunches and for the Christmas get-together are needed so, anyone, please do contact me if you'd like to join our group - we've been averaging around 18 or 20 for lunch and in previous years we've had around 50 for the Christmas meal. 'Friend' me on Facebook or reach me at for more information.

10/28/22 06:51 AM #50    

Robert Knight

Matt, hope Mickey's response gives you an opportunity to meet some Classmates of 72. We have been having Reunions of 5 year intervals. However at the 50th there were many requests to not wait 5 years. We are planning an informal gathering in 2024 to accommodate all of our Classmates that want more frequent events. We will post information about the event on this site once a date is established. Thanks for reaching out.

11/06/22 06:00 PM #51    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

I don’t know how many may remember Danny Schiavoni but he was in a severe motorcycle accident -

They’ve repaired  his pelvis broken in 4 places, repaired his aortic artery this morning and now he is in surgery for his spine. They are fusing 2 vertebrae near his neck and aren't sur what to do about  the breaks in his thoracic vertebrae, mid back because of all the fragments. They told them there is only a slim chance he might ever walk again. He really needs prayers.

11/07/22 08:14 AM #52    

Garth Ullom

I remember Danny, He is a great guy and my prayers are with him πŸ™


11/07/22 09:47 AM #53    

Chris "Harve" Brown

Such bad news to hear. Prayers are with Dan and wishing him the best recovery.

11/07/22 10:59 AM #54    

Robert Knight

Mickey, thanks for the recent message. So sorry to read of Danny's accident. We will keep him in our prayers. 

11/07/22 04:21 PM #55    

Candy (Candace) Jones

Candy Jones

Such devastating news to hear of Danny's accident. I have fond memories of our good times together!

Sending positive thoughts & prayers for his recovery.

11/07/22 09:46 PM #56    

Larry Parson

I am really sad to hear the news about Danny's accident.. Mickey, thanks for sharing this with all of us.  He is certainly in my thoughts and prayers!

11/08/22 10:38 AM #57    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

They took Danny’s intubation equipment out last night and He could talk. He is aware of what happened and seems to have a good attitude about being ready to do whatever it takes to recover.

11/08/22 11:03 AM #58    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

Apparently they only repaired half of Danny’s pelvis, to stabilize it so they could work on his aortic artery, so now they have to do surgery to fix the rest of his pelvis. He had 4 breaks just in that area.  He had a 7 hour surgery on his back and neck so hopefully that part is done and can begin to heal.

11/09/22 05:42 AM #59    

Sarah (Terri) Calta


Sorry to learn of Danny's accident 😞

If there is anything going forward, if I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Sending Live & Prayers for you DannyπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


11/09/22 11:52 AM #60    

Richard Freeburn

Thanks for the update Mickey.  I have gotten to know Dan better over the last several years, and a nicer guy you'll never meet.  I just saw and spoke with him him several days ago at St. Thomas Coffee Shopin Linglestown.

My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Dick Freeburn


11/19/22 08:19 PM #61    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

Some friends and CD classmates have heard the sad news of Danny Schiavoni’s death - this is from his family & a close friend ~
“Danny Schiavoni made the transition from this life into eternal life on Friday, November 18th. The service will be at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Palmyra, PA. on November 30th. Information on service times will be forthcoming in the obituary Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thank you for all your prayers and ask that your prayers are now focused on his family members. Schiavoni made the transition from this life into eternal life on Friday, November 18th. The service will be at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Palmyra, PA. on November 30th. Information on service times will be forthcoming in the obituary Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thank you for all your prayers and ask that your prayers are now focused on his family members.”
If death has truly lost its sting,
And takes us to that “better place”;
Why is it sorrow that death does bring,
And tears that trickle down our face?
It’s not the unknown or death we fear,
We don’t need answers or some reason;
It’s that Danny’s soul is so sweet and his face so dear,
That we’ll miss him for a season.

12/05/22 12:04 PM #62    


Mickey Haist (Sr. )

CD class of '72 annual Christmas Dinner ~

Folks from the CD class of '72, and friends, have been meeting for monthly lunches now for some years. The 3rd Tuesday of every month we might have 6 or 8 or 12 to 20 classmates - old friends revisiting old times and lots of new friendships to enjoy. Not this Tuesday but the next (the 13th) will be our 3rd annual Christmas dinner - and all CD class of '72 pals are invited.

In previous years (we missed 1 or 2 with the shutdown) we've had 40 or so for this get-together, so please do let us know as soon as you can if you plan to attend - comment here or reach out to Lori Wissler Staub (Lavalle) or Mickey Haist Sr on Facebook or Messenger . . . the sooner we get our reservation in the better.

(let us know if you're brining a spouse of friend as well)

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