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03/20/12 05:36 PM #5    


Kathi Gardner (Creznic-Rickert)

HI, Everyone

We are getting ready to launch our Invitation for the 40th Class Reunion. Please check back periodically as we shall soon by ready for you to OFFICIALLY Register.


04/11/12 08:35 AM #6    


Kathi Gardner (Creznic-Rickert)

HI, Everyone

The website is now ready for you to log onto and view the CDHS and Dauphin County Vo-Tech Class of 1972 40th Reunion invitation.

Please note there is an RSVP deadline. The reunion is June 16, 2012 and we must be in posession of your contribution, via check or credit card, NO LATER than June 6, 2012.

Please be sure to watch the Reunion advertisement.

06/07/12 08:38 AM #7    

Ken Dunlap

Great web I the only one who noticed it doesn't say WHAT you get for $55?

maybe we could have got more to attend if it did.....I think that was a boo-boo

06/10/12 03:16 AM #8    

Chris "Harve" Brown

I just hope that none of the "retired" race horses aren't on the menu!!! HA!

06/18/12 03:15 AM #9    

Chris "Harve" Brown

Well another reunion has now come and gone. It was great seeing everyone once again but, as always, I now wish I had been able to talk with each and everyone of you but unfortunately that never happens (believe it or not I am a shy person!). I start looking forward to the next reunion as soon as I leave the current one. I just wish it didn't have to be 5 years before I will be able to see you all again.

On the drive home today I thought about how great a class we had (have) and how lucky I am to have such great friends as each and everyone of you are to me. Thank you.

Please keep in touch and if you are ever up this way give me a call and perhaps we can go out and see the elk!

Chris B. ("Harve)

06/18/12 09:14 AM #10    

Debbie Groff (Hoachlander)

Chris -

I forgot to ask you yesterday - did you take any photos so you can make another one of those great DVD's of the reunion?  The one you did last time was awesome!

And - you don't have to wait 5 years to see people again.  The CD Alumni Assn. is hosting an All Alumni Picnic next summer Sat., June 15, 2013.  It'll be an informal picnic, and price will likely be $25 or less per person, including food, adult beverages & music.  Details will be on the website - -  as we get closer, but the date can go on your calendar now.

Our classmate, Bill Clipman, now known as Will, was recognized as the 2011 Alumnus of the Year by the Alumni Assn.

See you soon,

Debbie Groff Hoachlander

06/18/12 03:26 PM #11    

Sharon Holroyd (Jackson)

Hey Deb!  We missed you at the reunion or if you were there, I didn't get to see you.  I did not notice anyone taking a group they did, I missed that too!  LOL  Please keep me informed about the picnic because I would love to attend if I'm able.  Hope you are doing well.      ~Sharon (Holroyd} Bates


06/18/12 05:36 PM #12    

Chris "Harve" Brown

At the reunion Bob Knight asked for suggestions as to what the format the next reunion could be. What are everyones thoughts about a picnic format - much like what the alumni group has? We could have it, if possible , at the same location it has both a pavillion and an indoor facility in case there was inclement weather. Food could perhaps be a pig roast/bbq along with beer/wine/soft drinks and perhaps a dj later in the day. Dress would be casual and we could have activities such as horse shoes, etc,

Your thoughts please!  Chris B. 

06/19/12 09:03 AM #13    

Chris "Harve" Brown


I would like to give a great big salute to Tim Folk for his assistance in making our Friday night pre-reunion get together at the Blue Moose such a success.

From those I spoke with it appears that everyone had a great time.

Perhaps we can do it again soon - what are your thoughts on perhaps a bi-yearly or even a yearly get together?

Again thanks Tim for your help - I owe you a burger and a beer (or a giant chicken pie if you prefer!)

Take care and may our paths cross again soon!

Chris B.

05/20/15 12:27 PM #14    

Debbie Groff (Hoachlander)

Hello Class of '72! 

I'm hoping to see some of you at the CDHS Alumni "Ram Jam" Dance Party & Picnic, kicking off the 60th Anniversary year of our alma mater.  Sat., June 13, 2015, 4:00 to 10:00pm.  All the details are on the ticket order form, available on the website -

Debbie Groff Hoachlander


06/01/16 03:53 PM #15    

Chris "Harve" Brown

Hello fellow classmates!

Just inquiring as to whoever still lives in the Hbg area (or those who may be in town) that might be interested in an informal get together on the evening of Saturday July30th?

I tjhought about having this get together once again at the Blue Moose on Linglestown Road (same place as the last get together. Lets get together for an evening of fun!!

Please email me or post on this site if you are interested.

Chris "Harve" Brown

06/01/16 04:08 PM #16    

Debbie Groff (Hoachlander)

Sounds great, Chris!  Jeff and I will be in town that weekend, so we'd be happy to join you.

06/02/16 10:20 AM #17    

Joanne Sgrignoli (Boyd)

I would love to.

06/09/16 11:13 AM #18    


Kathi Gardner (Creznic-Rickert)

Chris, Thank you for organizing.

I will be at an Equestrian Event that day but if I am back at a reasonable time I may be able to stop over,

What time on Saturday July 30, 2016 at the Blue Moose in Linglestown?

06/10/16 01:09 PM #19    

Beth Pottiger (Gorman)

Sounds like fun,and it's my birthday.  Dennis and I will try to stop by.  Beth



06/23/16 11:41 AM #20    

Anna (Lori) Lavalle (Wissler Staub)

Hi Chris,

Sorry, I would love to, but I will be out of town that weekend.  There is also a group on Facebook that have been talking back and forth and we are also trying to get together on Thursday, June 30th at 7pm at the Blue Moose on Linglestown Road.  If anyone can make that, please come join us.

07/13/16 09:19 AM #21    

Chris "Harve" Brown

'72 Classmates

The class get together at the Blue Moose on July 30th is a go!!

I plan on arriving around 5:00-5:30 for dinner. You are welcome to join me then.

Otherwise show up whenever!

Spread the word - lets make this a night to remember!

Hope to see you there.

Chris "Harve" Brown


07/14/16 09:09 AM #22    

Robert Knight

Chris, Looking forward to seeing you at the Moose. Bob.

07/14/16 11:41 AM #23    


Kathi Gardner (Creznic-Rickert)

FOR CLASSMATES OF Central Dauphin Senior High School & Central Dauphin Vo-Tech, Harrisburg, PA who "GRADUATED" or "WOULD HAVE GRADUATED" in 1972......The CDHS & VoTech 45th Reunion will be held on June 24, 2017 at the Appalachian Brewing Company, 6462 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.

We will be posting the Invitation and the RSVP on the Class Website.The class will not be mailing invitations.
Please be sure to update your Profile information and check back here preiodically.

We have not yet finalized the details for the evening. We will post more information as it becomes available.

Please pass this on to other classmates.

Thank you, Your 45th Reunion Committee

06/25/17 07:31 AM #24    

Debra Hoke

Great 45th class reunion. President Bob Knight and his class reunion committee did a beautiful job pulling this together  great to see everyone  - look forward to seeing you all again in 5 years. 





06/26/17 01:18 AM #25    

Chris "Harve" Brown

Once again our 45th reunion was a huge success. Thanks to all that showed up for the Friday evening get together at the Blue Moose and those who attended the reunion. It was great seeing once again class members who either haven't attended a reunion before as well as those who have "skipped" a few of our previous gatherings.

I looked forward to this weekend for quite a while and I definitely was not disappointed with its outcome. In my thoughts during my return drive home from the 'burg this afternoon I was somewhat saddened to think that it was over and it might be 5 years until our paths will cross once again.

We have a great class and I am truly honored to be able to call each and every one of you my friend.

Take care

Chris Brown

aka "Harve"


06/26/17 09:52 AM #26    


Sherrie Smith (Heilig)

I have been to all of our class reunions and I have to say I felt like this was the BEST one!  I "second" everything Deb and Chris Brown said!  I went Friday night to the Blue Moose and had a great time espcially when you see a past friend you haven't seen in years and Saturday night was "I felt" an incredible evening!  It's always so good to see old classmates and friends and basically start up friendships you might not have had in the past!  I think it's sad for those who see no benefit or reason to come to these reunions!  Great job to all that continue to plan our 1972 Class Reunions!

Sherrie Heilig ( Smith )



06/28/17 05:10 PM #27    

Cindy Bacon (Albright)

I second Chris and Sherrie's thoughts! I was so stoked afterwards! It was a great atmosphere and seemed like we had never missed a beat over the 45 years! Can't wait for the next one!

05/11/21 03:14 PM #28    

Deborah Steele

I don't remember my password and it will not let me reset a new one.  It keeps telling me the passwords do not match.  Can't keep up if I can't sign in.


Deborah Steele

09/23/21 12:16 PM #29    

James R. Delsanto

Ed Swartz's Obituary



Jim DelSanto

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